About Us
Croydon School of Dance was formed in 1965 as the then Croydon Ballet Society.  The School was started as a Community Project by a
group of concerned citizens wishing to foster the
Art of Ballet within the City of Croydon.

The main aim of the School is to provide expert tuition in the Art of Ballet and its associated Dance Forms.  We are justly proud that the School has done this and continues to do so.  Today the School has added Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Dance Fusion, Break Dance, Broadway and Core Strength & Flexibility for Dance to the curriculum. Students are able to partake in exams, masterclasses and the Annual Recital.

CSOD follows the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Syllabus for Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Dance Fusion and MBD Grading Levels for Break Dance.

We like our students to work hard in class, have fun and enjoy DANCE!

We sometimes have vacancies for dance teachers.
Some of CSOD's former students are now our dance teachers.

Croydon School of Dance has two studios.
See the Studios section for further information.

Parents and families are welcome to watch the last class of each Term except Term 4 (Recital Practice).

As a not-for profit organisation/community group, Croydon School of Dance is run by a volunteer committee of parents who work closely with the teachers to ensure that the school functions smoothly and successfully.

Try one of our introductory classes for free!