Dance Fusion

In 2011, we splashed a little colour into Croydon School of Dance with the Southern Federation of Dance’s new vibrant dance syllabus “Dance Fusion”. Dance Fusion is an exciting blend of genres created by a team of industry professionals designed to extend the performance skills and capabilities of dance students.  Dance Fusion also keeps our teachers’ fingers on the pulse in the ever fast moving dance industry. Students will be inspired and challenged by new ideas, while exploring a diverse range of styles such as Bollywood, Cheerleading, Jive, African, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and much more. There are currently four exciting levels available to students, “Yellow” , “Blue”, "Red" and "Green". For more information regarding this new syllabus please go to

The Southern Federation of Dance recommends that children aged 12+ study Dance Fusion. Our teachers will determine which class best suits the student applying for Dance Fusion and will place them in the group that is most suitable to ensure that the students obtain the most out of the class and also enjoy the class.  When determining the placements, the teachers will take into account the age of the student and the student’s dance experience.

CSOD follows the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Syllabus for Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Dance Fusion.

Parents and families are welcome to watch the last class of each Term except Term 4 (Recital Practice).