2012 Annual Recital

Wendy and her younger brothers John and Michael are talking about Peter Pan and having pretend sword fights. Peter Pan and TinkerBell come through the window…

Peter Pan shows Wendy, John and Michael how to fly when TinkerBell sprinkles fairy dust on them. They all fly out the window to NeverLand. When they arrive, Captain Hook and the Pirates spot them! The Pirates try to shoot them out of the air with cannonballs so they decide to split up - TinkerBell takes John and Michael to see The Lost Boys while Peter Pan takes Wendy to see the Mermaids in the Lagoon. The Crocodile lurks about waiting for Captain Hook. While with the Mermaids, Peter Pan and Wendy spot Captain Hook and Smee holding Princess Tiger Lily captive. Peter Pan has a sword fight with Captain Hook and Tiger Lily is rescued! Meanwhile in the jungle, TinkerBell, John, Michael and The Lost Boys are captured by the Indians and taken back to their tribe, where they are mistakenly tied up for kidnapping Tiger Lily. When Peter Pan arrives at the Indian camp with Princess Tiger Lily and Wendy, The Indian Chief rewards Peter Pan for saving his daughter. TinkerBell gets jealous of Wendy and Tiger Lily and goes away and sulks, where Captain Hook and Smee discover her hiding.

Captain Hook locks TinkerBell in a cage afer tricking her into telling him where Peter Pan is.  When Captain Hook and Smee go in search of Peter Pan, the Fairies rescue TinkerBell and go in search of Peter Pan. Wendy, John, Michael and The Lost Boys are all at Peter Pan’s pad where Wendy is acting like a mother to them all and she is also missing home. Captain Hook and Smee arrive at Peter Pan’s pad to capture them and take them back to the Pirate Ship to walk the plank!  Luckily, Peter Pan comes to the rescue just in time to save them all. Team Pan and Team Hook have sword fights. Peter Pan and his team win the fight and the ship is now theirs! The Crocodile waits to eat Captain Hook! Peter Pan and TinkerBell take Wendy, John and Michael home. They all say goodbye and Wendy, John and Michael drift off to sleep, dreaming of their Adventures in NeverLand!